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Hey everyone,i wanna talk about acronyms in this post,acronym is a word created from the first letters of each word in a series of words.acronym is mostly used for scientific purposes like AIDS(aquired immune deficiency syndrome) but its also used in informal speaking.here are some examples

AKA:abbreviation foralso known as;having as another name

ملقب به...

ex:James brown,AKA the godfather of soul,is one of my musical heroes

FYI:abbreviation fo,for your information

محض اطلاع

ex:FYI tomorrows staff meetingis scheduled for 10 AM

BTW:stands fo by the way


ex:BTW im not gonna be able to make it to your party tomorrow

DA:abbreviation fo district attorney,is a lawyer working in a particular area of the country who representsts government in a trial in a law court


ex:The DA was trying to press charges against the criminal

 The american teenagers use lots of made up acronyms just fo fun like;

KMN:kill me now

thats it about acronym

here are some expression;

per se :by or of itself

به خودی خود .بالنفسه

ex:its not the violence per se that i object to,its the way it was shown

slash prices:to cut down the price

کاهش دادن قیمت

ex:prices are always slashed after seasonal sell

to get somebody busted:to catch sb red handed

مچ کسی رو گرفتن

ex:he got me busted while i was talkin to my bf




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slang expression

Ballpark figure: an apporximate number

حدودی قیمت دادن

ex:The plumber estimated that it would cost $150 to fix our sink but that was just a ballpark figure


 All the rage:the latest fashion,popular right now

مد بودن

ex:have you seen those new alligator-skin cowboy boots?they are all the rage this season


3.To pull an all-nighter:to burn the midnight oil ,to stay up all night to do work

شب بیدار موندن برای انجام کاری

ex:Ted pulled an all-nighter to study fo this chemistry test and ended up fallin asleep in the class next day


4.To learn the ropes:to learn the first things about something,to learn the basics

یادگیری اصول اولیه چیزی

ex:David worked at a big law firm for 10 years where he learned the ropes.now he runs his own law firm


5.Second nature:a behavior that has been practiced for so long,it seems to have been always

عادت کردن شدید به چیزی یا کسی

ex:Karen has been arguing with her husband every day for the past 20 years,so by now its just second nature.


6.to set someone back a few:to cost u a lot of money,to be very expensive

گرون تموم شدن بیشتر زمانی استفاده میشه که تموم پولتو برای خرید چیزی بدی

ex:this penthouse set me back a few


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سلام به همه

fragile peace: an unstable peace

ex:A deadly suicide
bomb attack blamed on rebels shatterd a fragile peace, Reuters said.

صلح ناپایدار

mar/tarnish relationship/the peace: to destroy peace

ex:He said,they should be aware that such insults will not tarnish the peace treaty but only jeopadize their own social stability and security

خدشه دار کردن صلح/روابط

overshadow: to effect ...

ex:Unfortunately ,the political aspect of the case has overshadowed its technical aspect,resulting in complications and tensions.
تحت الشعاع قرار دادن


ex:The Cabinet passed 187 ratifications and agreements for improving economy,infrastructure,cultural,and sports sectors of the province.



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Todays points

Here are todays expressions
  • 1.To break the news: To make somthing known
example:you'd better break the news to your father carefully.After all,you dont want him to have a heart attack

  • 2.To go back to the drawing board: To start a task over beacause the last try failed,to start again
example:Franks new bussiness failed,so he had to go back to the drawing board


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